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Applying Psychology to Organizations

Krysia’s focus on revealing the hidden forces shaping behavior and motivation bring her clients clarity and agency, encouraging leaders’ development and increasing sustained performance across the organization. 



Krysia has been coaching senior leaders for 15+ years, specializing in the unique leadership dynamics facing founder/CEOs, executive team members, and high potentials.  The underlying causes of suboptimal outcomes at these levels are often counterintuitive; business leaders can’t expect to solve complex dynamics without a partner trained to address human puzzles.  Coaching will encourage your instinct, broaden your perspective, and develop your skill to positively influence the interpersonal challenges every leader must not only face but transcend.    



Businesses are social systems, and partnership dynamics are often affecting – and affected by – issues at multiple levels of the enterprise.  Krysia applies deep training in mediation and family psychology to understand, strengthen, and align business partners at multiple inflection points.  Whether at a decision-making crossroads or during a period of relative growth, calm, or contraction, attention paid to the dynamic between partner leaders results in clarity and greater ease in meeting the needs of the system. 



By tuning onto the process by which teams operate, Krysia raises awareness of strategies and possibilities to optimize team performance.  Highly interactive and unique, teams find remarkable insight through new experiences together and deep, reflective learning.   



Krysia serves organizational needs through executive education, consultative support of larger initiatives, and leadership programming.  Rallying a network of expert colleagues, she designs retreats, delivers keynote and long-format teaching, supports DEI efforts, and conducts qualitative and quantitative data gathering and analysis.       

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