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Krysia’s first love is the coaching relationship; in the space of truth and growth, leaders walk forward with authenticity and strength. She has worked with clients in private, public, large, small, nonprofit, medical, traditional organizations, and new ventures.


A founder's leadership is unique, and so should be coaching founder leaders. Krysia addresses the implications of identity, founder imprinting, and legacy, settling up a uniquely supportive relationship for those in the Founder/CEO role. 

CEO/Executive Teams

Most of Krysia's current clients serve in the most senior role or its direct reports; often, she works with the executive team as a whole to leverage the significant, systemic impact of that set of relationships.

High Potentials

Organizations in a position to support best-in-class coaching for high potentials see those individuals ascend with fewer interruptions, more commitment, and increased confidence.


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