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Many clients work with Krysia to optimize a partnership; whether an equity relationship, as co-founders, or simply leaders whose work is deeply connected. 

Partner Selection

Over the years, as Krysia’s clients have founded new businesses, grown existing management teams, and made critical investment decisions, they have asked her for a peek at their soon-to-be new business partners.  After having felt understood themselves, they hope she might facilitate the discovery process to yield clearer understandings, faster.  While she does not perform assessments that will result in a “yes” or a “no,” her results help partners determine risk, compatibility, and – most importantly – what the candidate will need to be optimally successful.

Conflict and Decision-Making

Formally trained as a mediator, Krysia uses conflict in the most constructive manner in order to optimize the advantages and minimize the threats of difference.  Although the work may begin with a clear conflict to solve or a decision to make, it also often is initiated by a simple desire to know each other well and find ideal working patterns.  Coaching these dynamics usually involves some amount of individual time for each partner with Krysia and time together in a facilitated conversation.

Partnership Growth

A successful partnership isn’t a static experience; especially in business, relationships are changing and evolving constantly.  Working with a coach helps partners approach their dynamic with intentionality.  Through facilitated conversation and supported dialogue, partners build and develop a relationship that brings out the best in each person.


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