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Leadership Education

As more leaders realize the impact of specialized leadership training, more organizations seek to include it for their high potentials, senior leaders, and managers in between. Rather than outsource your program or rely on virtual, general content, Krysia develops a program with you that you may operate in-house if you choose. This model paves the way for an organizationally sponsored program with all the features of highly customized training by expert faculty without the steep cost year-to-year. Krysia’s focus – whether in individual coaching or organizational work like this – is building her client’s competence, reducing dependency on outside coaches or consultants, and offering a sustainable long-term solution to the need for internal leadership support.

Recent engagements include the following:

  • Training organizational leaders to provide 360 feedback internally, using either external resources or a custom tool (see 360 assessment work, below)

  • Six-month program for high potential leaders to gain core self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and strategic management tools

  • Speaking engagements to audiences of 15-450 on topics such as:

    • The truth about authentic leadership

    • Crafting a strong executive team

    • Perspective-taking for powerful people

    • Empowerment at a deeper level

    • Giving and receiving honest feedback

    • Coaching skills for managerial leaders

    • Organizational learning as a competitive advantage

Leadership Competency Modeling

As organizations grow, they inevitably hope to support their most promising employees. Identifying the needed skills, however, can be challenging until we truly understand the leadership style and abilities necessary for success. And since what is needed to be an effective leader depends on context, we must deeply understand the unique needs of your organization to offer optimal leadership development. Building a competency model for your company provides you and your executive team with shared language around what you seek to attract, nurture, and coach in your leaders. What are the key skills for your leaders? Krysia and her team approach competency model development with you collaboratively. A model that reflects your organization’s values, growth goals, and culture strengthens your recruitment, performance assessment, and training initiatives.

Custom 360 Assessments

Most organizations use off-the-shelf 360 assessments with limited customization. For a similar investment of time and resources, Krysia can offer you a completely custom 360 tool for your organization to use internally (or with her team’s support, as needed). Her assessments leverage your unique business context and explicitly account for the precise leadership skills needed to exceed in your industry and environment. Using a custom 360 increases your team’s acceptance of the process and immediately strengthens the impact of assessment results.

Focus Groups and Surveys

When leaders are faced with significant decisions impacting their employees’ experiences, getting real data makes the difference between outcomes that are sustainable and effective and those that mask underlying dynamics. Krysia and her team are skilled qualitative researchers; using best practices and an approach that leaves participants engaged and motivated, data is gathered to support the best next steps. Recent engagements have focused on questions of culture, work patterns, diversity and inclusion, leadership capabilities, and employee experience.


As a social-organizational psychologist, Krysia specializes in supporting leaders’ exceptional performance amidst complex team and system dynamics, market demands, and stakeholder expectations. She has worked with more than one thousand leaders working in diverse organizations: from small, family-owned businesses to global, private-equity-funded enterprises, schools, non-profits, and hospitals.  Krysia works with a select team of colleagues to offer organizations larger-scale development support.  


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