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Revealing the hidden forces shaping behavior brings my clients clarity and agency, facilitates leaders’ personal development, and increases sustained performance across the organization. 


This is the work I love to do, and smart, ambitious leaders are the clients I love to do it for.

The underlying causes of sub-optimal outcomes at an individual or a team level are often counterintuitive; business leaders can’t expect to recognize these dynamics without a partner trained in exposing human puzzles. 

Coaching will encourage your instinct, broaden your perspective, and develop your skill to positively influence the interpersonal challenges every leader must face and transcend.  The result is full integrity, culture accretive to its mission, and organizations fully engaged.  Let’s get to work. 

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 Krysia has coached leaders from organizations like these:

What Krysia's Clients Say

"You are such a wonderful role model of how to wrestle with challenges in an authentic and expressive way. I am so impressed."

"The move that you taught me was the key to the below deal. Thank you - brilliant."

"You made a huge impact when you said that everything I was experiencing was really common for a c-level executive."

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